Is the “big idea” over?

Comms pros have all watched “Mad Men’s” Don Draper walk into a conference room, deliver a brilliant pitch and save the day. But what if the notion of “the big idea” is as outdated as the three-martini lunch? In this podcast, Josh Budd, chief creative officer, NA, Citizen Relations and Jaime Pescia, VP, global creative & brand engagement, Little Caesars Pizza talked about how the pressure to deliver “the big idea” can hinder creativity and harm the collaborative process.

Key Takeaways

David Ogilvy’s famous concept of ‘The Big Idea’, where a sole creative team locks itself in the studio hoping for a creative epiphany that blows the doors off the client’s board room may not be the way to go in a world where multiple platforms demand a more flexible approach to messaging and a more collaborative, adaptable and agile creative process. In this podcast, Steve Barrett, editorial director of Campaign and PR Week sat down with Josh Budd of Citizen Relations and Jaime Pescia, CMO of Little Caesar’s Pizza to discuss the new paradigm.