Plus Company Launches PlusConnect - A Gamified NFT Experience & Innovation DAO Celebrating Its Employees

The first of its kind NFT employee engagement program kickstarts company’s bold approach to creative exploration and learning

Plus Company Wrapped NFT

QUÉBEC, QC - September 7 -- To celebrate the inauguration of Plus Company and recognize the employees who helped get us here, Plus Company is forging a new era of connectivity and collaboration with the launch of the PlusConnect NFT Collection and Innovation DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) - the first employee NFT program and gamified experience aimed to foster employee connections, expand Web 3.0 capabilities, and drive engagement across the 25 agencies and the over 3,000 employees that together make up the Plus Company agency network. Developed through a collaborative effort between We Are SocialSocializeFuseproject and notable computational artistradarboy3000 along with NFT art advisor Valuart, the dynamic PlusConnect NFT Collection includes one-of-a-kind generative art that is activated by the employees themselves. The 25 base designs highlight each agency’s brand DNA and starts as a simple 3D shape that evolves into a complex colourful structure of interconnected attributes. With every connection made between two employees, the resulting NFTs evolve into something even more unique than before. These connections unlock additional experiences and perks - including gift cards, vacation days, exclusive events, and chances for employees to meet in real life and around the world. The PlusConnect NFTs will be live for a total of three months, at which point the entire collection will be locked and immutably stored into the blockchain. “In today’s work environment, learning is simply more than seeing. Ensuring our employees have unfettered access to new technologies, exposure to new ways of thinking, and experience across disciplines, is essential to staying relevant and ahead of the curve for producing groundbreaking work. It’s more than work-life balance. We’re now in the age of work-life-learn,” says Akanksha Goel, Vice President and Regional Lead Middle East and India, We Are Social, Plus Company. “We want to cultivate our employees' knowledge of Web 3.0 while showcasing that our network of agencies are continuing to strengthen their presence in the space. The project not only allows employees to connect, but also encourages exploration and learning in an experience-first approach.” Fostering tech-infused creativity is a key pillar of the newly-formed Plus Company, and the PlusConnect NFTs are the launching pad for the company’s bold approach to learning and creative exploration. Top participants from each agency will also be invited to join the PlusConnect Innovation DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) which will include the company’s first employee-directed innovation fund. “Traditional agency networks tend to be top-down, heavy-handed, and bureaucratic. Fresh, original thinking doesn’t easily flourish under those conditions, so Plus Company is taking a contrarian approach: members of the Innovation DAO will be given the trust, support, and resources they need to nurture an independent spirit and creative culture” says Brett Marchand, Plus Company’s CEO, “We’re handing this project over to our most engaged employees - no matter the level - to lead the way for what is next for Plus Company and our clients in the Web 3.0 space.”Learn more about Plus Company and our network of agencies by visiting or online @PlusCompany_ on Twitter and Plus Company on LinkedIn.

About Plus Company:

Plus Company, founded in 2021, is a 21st century alliance of best-in-class creative brands focused on collaboration and synergy through an integrated service model. With over 25 agencies that deliver creativity fueled by an innate understanding of culture, technology, and data. Plus Company agency brands include: We Are Social and its sister agencies, Socialize, Hello, Kobe and Metta; fuseproject; All Inclusive Marketing (AIM), Aperture1, Camp Jefferson, Citizen Relations, Cossette, Cossette Media, Eleven, Impact Research, Jungle Media, K72, Level Eleven, Magic Circle Workshop, Magnet, Mekanism,  Middle Child, PathIQ, Septième, and The Narrative Group (TNG). Plus Company has more than 3,000 employees, across 12 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. 

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Michelle Ryckman

Director, Corporate Communications

Plus Company