Plus Company Expands Data Management Service and Partnership with Brooklyn Data Co. to Unleash AI Potential For Clients

NEW YORK, July 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Plus Company announces today an expanded partnership with data and analytics consultancy Brooklyn Data Co. (a Velir company), strategically expanding their existing relationship to launch the new Data Team as a Service (DTaaS) offering for its network of agencies and clients. Led by the Plus Intelligence group, DTaaS will aid clients in their data management and assist with building strong data foundations to enable more efficiencies in workflow and customer predictive analytics and intelligence.

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Since the introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022, the race is on for brands and agencies to incorporate AI in their content creation and processes. The services and partnership expansion with Brooklyn Data will bolster Plus Company’s commitment to the intersection of technology and creativity and continue its focus on harnessing the power of AI to maximize marketing investment and ROI for its extensive client roster.

"To be successful with AI, organizations must have an innovation mindset, leaders with the curiosity to embrace new technologies, and a solid data foundation," says Michael Cohen, Chief Data Analytics Officer, Plus Company. "Cleaner and more cohesive data, results in stronger predictive data - and ultimately better marketing decisions using AI. But it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and this is where the partnership with Brooklyn Data comes in. With our new DTaaS offering, we can ensure the right data is being collected, organized, cleaned and available so that our clients can efficiently meet their marketing and business goals."

With DTaaS, Plus Company and Brooklyn Data will help clients adapt for the quickly evolving marketplace by easily identifying gaps in data strategy and the required technologies to execute against those goals, and developing innovative solutions to aid in attribution and campaign performance. DTaaS support will help clients achieve this competitive advantage through services including:

  • Optimizing tech usage via data-centric software such as consumer data platforms (CDP), CRMs, Financial reporting, Marketing optimization and ROI measurement.

  • Train and empower teams to supercharge clients’ understanding of their customers, and how to serve those customers in the most efficient and innovative ways via data.

  • Implement secure end-to-end solutions for data ingestion, warehousing, modeling, and business intelligence.

“By now, most marketers have dabbled in AI and introduced AI-fuelled creative tools to their organizations, but it has also revealed the need for strong data health, data management and data governance,” says Scott Breitenother, Founder and CEO, Brooklyn Data. “Our tech and cloud agnostic delivery model is perfectly suited to helping client marketing organizations build a robust data foundation and move up the data maturity curve, one step at a time, ensuring value is realized at each step.”

The DTaaS approach includes the development of a data strategy and vision, a plan to transition out of legacy business intelligence systems, the creation of a data infrastructure roadmap, and an implementation plan.

Beyond the partnership, Plus Company will continue to build modern data platforms and tools within its own agency network, and develop solutions and scalable capabilities for its clients. To help lead the charge for AI and predictive data, Plus Company has also released its AI and Data Report. Learn more about how CMOs can champion AI innovation in their organizations and about Plus Company and its network of agencies by visiting Twitter and Plus Company on LinkedIn.

About Plus Company Plus Company, founded in 2021, is an entrepreneurial network of forward-thinking creative agencies, each bringing its own expertise and empowered by the collective capabilities of the network. Brought together by the unabashed belief that anything is possible, the unique partnership of and limitless drive of the over 24 agencies deliver creative magic fueled by an innate understanding of culture, technology, and data. Plus Company agency brands include: We Are Social and its partner practices Socialize, Hello, Kobe and Metta; fuseproject; All Inclusive Marketing (AIM), Aperture1, Camp Jefferson, Citizen Relations, Cossette, Cossette Media, Impact Research, Jungle Media, K72, Level Eleven, Magic Circle Workshop, Magnet, Mekanism, Middle Child, PathIQ, Septième and The Narrative Group (TNG). Plus Company has more than 3,000 employees, across 12 countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Built on collaboration, not competition. We are Partners In Possibility.

About Brooklyn Data Brooklyn Data Co. (a Velir company) is a full-service data and analytics consultancy that helps organizations build lasting data capabilities. The company helps clients optimize tool usage, train and empower teams, and implement secure end-to-end solutions for data ingestion, warehousing, modeling, and business intelligence. Learn more at