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See you at the “pregrain”: Quaker Oats served on the Super Bowl

Mekanism and Quaker Oats captured a slice of America's biggest grain day by encouraging the country to have oatmeal on Super Bowl morning to power up their game day

Quaker Oats, an official sponsor of the NFL, tapped Mekanism to make a big impact for their brand during the Super Bowl 57.

Capitalizing on the highest grain consumption day of the year—typically through consuming beer—the idea of “pre-graining” before the big game was born: starting your morning with a nourishing bowl of oats through a viral social media campaign featuring the legendary quarterback, Eli Manning. Mekanism sought to position Quaker Oats as the best grain alternative and to connect with consumers in a fun and relatable way.


Over 300 million gallons of beer are consumed over Super Bowl weekend, making it a big day for grains like wheat and barley. Yet oats, the ultimate superfood, have nourished American bowls with whole grains for over 140 years.

The idea was to tap into the cultural significance of the Super Bowl, utilize a relatable spokesperson, and leverage the power of social media to connect with consumers and generate widespread engagement.

Mekanism and Quaker worked together to refine this initial idea. The creative process involved brainstorming sessions, writer's rooms, and open discussions, fostering a space for ideas to flourish.

But how would Quaker Oats, known as a wholesome breakfast, stand out during an event crowded with beer and snack commercials? Additionally, they wanted to make a significant impact without paying exorbitant fees for advertising.

They also needed to strike a balance between authenticity and entertainment. Despite being seen as a traditional brand, Quaker needed to show willingness to step out of its comfort zone and explore new avenues for growth and brand recognition.

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To meet consumers where they were, Quaker and Mekanism launched the campaign on TikTok, where the platform's engaging and viral nature, especially among younger audiences, generated buzz and encouraged user-generated content. The videos were entertaining and shareable, leveraging TikTok’s unique features and trends, and encouraging viewers to engage with the content and spread the campaign's message.

Eli Manning, a former NFL player and broadcaster, was the campaign's face due to his friendly, relatable, and humorous personality, fitting Quaker's values. His past work with Quaker in the Odup campaign made him a natural choice for the Super Bowl. Manning's ease on camera and improv skills brought an extra layer of authenticity and entertainment to the campaign.


By embracing a pre-existing idea and building upon it, Quaker and Mekanism created a campaign that resonated with consumers and stood out in a crowded advertising landscape. Trusting the process and allowing for unscripted moments added a sense of authenticity and magic to the campaign.

18 million

impressions on day one and reaching a total of nearly 70 million impressions throughout the campaign

6.5 billion

impressions across various media channels