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Cheetle in Cheadle: Embedding the Cheetos term into Canada’s lexicon

Citizen Relations and PepsiCo Canada launched a viral marketing initiative in Cheadle, Alberta, with a 17-foot tall monument embodying the iconic Cheetos puff and its orange dust

Cheetos lovers showcase remarkable enthusiasm as snack enthusiasts, recognizing that indulging in this cheesy treat inevitably results in pleasantly messy fingertips.

Despite the delectable nature of the dust, officially known as "Cheetle," its recognition was not widespread among Canadians, leading to divided opinions on its appeal. Citizen Relations was tasked to establish Cheetos as a top-of-mind brand by integrating the term "Cheetle" into the lexicon of Canadian snackers.


In the backdrop of Alberta, Canada, renowned for its oversized food landmarks, Citizen and PepsiCo identified a unique prospect in the quaint town of Cheadle. Seizing this opportunity, they constructed a monumental 17-foot statue paying homage to the distinctive orange dust. While its inception initially befuddled local residents, it swiftly transformed into a viral sensation. Subsequently claimed by Cheetos a few days later, the statue garnered extensive media coverage, propelling “Cheetle” to become a worldwide phenomenon by October 2022.

How to enhance the significance of "Cheetle" — the powdery residue left on fingers after consuming Cheetos?  Citizen and PepsiCo aimed to grab attention and invite people, not just inform them, to embrace their love for Cheetle. Inspired by our inclination to revere what they love, a monument was born to represent this devotion.

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2.2 billion

impressions from top tier global media coverage, from CNN, CBC, CTV and Global News to Seth Myer and Jimmy’s Fallon and Kimmel, plus outlets in 15 countries such as India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa & Australia


earned traditional hits


earned social hits, making it the most successful PepsiCo Foods Canada PR campaign in a decade


increase in “Cheetle” mentions